Karen Belfontaine portrait- Toronto Trauma Therapy located in downtown Toronto


I have been in private practice as a social worker for over twenty five years. I began my career in health care as a psychiatric nurse and have found that experience to have been quite invaluable in my understanding of the acute stages of mental illness as well as the emotional and physical anguish caused by these disorders. An MSW from Wilfrid Laurier gave me a solid background in psychodynamic theory and I have continued to add to that with further education in Self Psychology, Intersubjective Theory, Relational Theory and Attachment Theory.

Experience as a social worker in the Mood and Anxiety Disorders Clinic at The Center for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH)) consolidated my knowledge and understanding of these disorders as well igniting an interest in the role of trauma as a factor underlying these illnesses. The pursuit of a more in depth knowledge of the neurobiological, emotional and relational underpinnings of trauma and its treatment led to trainings in EMDR, hypnosis, the treatment of Dissociative Disorders and more recently, Somatic Experiencing®.


  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing, McMaster University
  • Master in Social Work, Wilfrid Laurier University


  • The Diagnosis and Treatment of Dissociative Disorders – Standard and Advanced Levels (ISST-D)
  • EMDR Levels I and II
  • Intermediate Level training in Hypnosis – CSCH-OD
  • Somatic Experiencing® – SE Practitioner


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